Show Me Leadership: A Vision for Missouri

Raise Income and Restore Economic Security for Missourians

One of my objectives as a state representative is to break down the barriers that hold Missourians back and to restore the promises of our government that will allow us citizens to rise out of poverty by hard work. We can not afford to continue to have a rigged economy in which we work longer hours for lower wages.

The republican governor, legislatures, and their corporate allies have attacked workers fundamental rights to organize and bargain collectively. An inexcusable number of Missourians are living paycheck to paycheck. Home ownership, access to affordable and quality childcare, and retiring with dignity should be the norm and I will work endlessly to even the playing field.  I believe supporting workers through higher wages, workplace protections, policies to balance work and family, are key to rebuilding our communities.

Protect Workers’ Fundamental Rights

I believe that when the workforce is strong, Missouri is strong! As a legislature, I will fight to make it easier for workers to exercise their right to organize and join unions. I believe the “Right To Work” laws are wrong for Missouri. I will vigorously oppose these laws. I believe that consumers, workers, students, retirees, and investors who have been mistreated should never be denied their right to fight for fair treatment under the law. I support efforts that will limit the use of forced arbitration clauses in employment and service contracts, which unfairly strip consumers, workers, students, retirees, and investors of their right to their day in court.

Expand Access to Affordable Housing and Homeownership

I will legislate for laws that will put sustainable home ownership into the reach of more families helping those who are working towards a path of financial stability. I want to preserve and increase the supply of affordable housing by expanding incentives to ease barriers to building new affordable housing developments in areas of economic opportunity. I want to pass legislation that will provide more resources to the people struggling most with unaffordable housing: low income families, people with disabilities, veterans, and the elderly.

I support housing production and public housing programs. I will work to increase funding for the housing choice voucher program and other rental assistance programs. I will fight for funding to end homeless through targeted investments to provide the necessary outreach, social service, and housing options for all populations experiencing homelessness. I will work in partnership with the federal, state and local governments in efforts to end chronic homelessness in Missouri.

I want to ensure everyone has the opportunity of home ownership by keeping the housing market in our district robust and inclusive by supporting more first time homebuyers and putting more Missourians into the financial position to become homeowners; preserving the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage; modernizing credit scoring; clarifying lending policies, expanding access to housing counseling; and ensuring regulators have clear direction, resources, and authority to enforce those policies effectively.

Support Missouri’s Small Businesses

I will initiate legislation that will target direct federal funding in support for a range of local programs for entrepreneurship and small business growth that will put more people to work in Missouri and create career opportunities.

Protect Voting Rights

I will work to restore the full protections of the voting rights Act by fighting against discriminatory voting identification laws, which disproportionately burden young voters, diverse communities, people of color, low income families, people with disabilities, , the elderly, and women. I will work to fulfill the promise of election reform and ensure that all registration materials, voting materials, polling places, and voting machines are accessible to seniors, Americans with disabilities, and citizens with limited English proficiency. I will work to upgrade old voting equipment and machines with modern systems.

Support Local School Districts

The quality of education should not be dependent upon your zip code. I will work with local school boards to provide funding and opportunities to enhance the quality of education from pre-school through high-school. Good public education should be available to every child and I will work to lessen the disparities in education across racial and socioeconomic lines.