Eric's Education: A Strong Foundation

I attended Little Flower Catholic school growing up. Little Flower gave me a strong academic foundation and surrounded me with great schoolmates that remain close friends to this day. This combination helped mold my character to be caring towards others, passionate about life, and to have an early awareness of my faith in Christianity.

I went on to attend Christian Brothers College High school. One of the core values I learned at C.B.C. was to strive to encourage a personal sense of honor and self-discipline, service to others, a respect for all life, and a growth towards a mature relationship with God. MEN FOR TOMORROW. BROTHERS FOR LIFE.

I graduated from Missouri State University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in communications. College provided me with the tools and opportunity to expand my subject matter into many of the civic debates of the time. MSU challenged me to lead ethically, learn culturally, and engage communally. After graduation, I went on to earn my master’s degree in business administration from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.