A Career Dedicated to Serving the Community

Eric Reese

I have worked in real-estate for the past 20 years. I am a licensed Missouri real estate broker with a career focus in the field of community management. I have worked in local and state housing agencies as well as private real-estate firms. I have extensive experience in management and sales, excellent communication and analytical skills, thrive under great pressure with challenging projects, and am committed to a high ethical standard.

My career in community management has given me the skill set that has helped me transition into a life of public service. The major responsibilities of community management are to maintain a properties financial integrity, physical appearance, create new opportunities through marketing and public relations, generate new sources of revenue, and assure compliance.

These skills are what helped me be successful in my previous role as a Alderman of Bel-Nor Missouri. As Alderman, I was able to represent the political, financial, administrative, economic, and other interests of my community with great energy and passion. I intend to bring this same energy and passion to representing the 85th district of Missouri as State Representative.

Volunteering on different committees and boards has also prepared me for my role in public service. I have enjoyed being on the government affairs and diversity committee of the St. Louis Association of Realtors. The board of adjustments in University City, Board of Variances in Bel-Nor Missouri, Innovation committee for Volunteers of America, and the Athletic committee and men’s club for my church. Volunteerism is very rewarding in itself and is such an important component to the success of a community or organization.